Who we are...

  • We are a local business that operates under a "Farm to Cup" concept. 
  • We have one clear objective: ensure you as close as possible to the hands producing the coffee.
  • We are determined to deliver premium coffee to your door & straight from the coffee plantation.
  • We work closely with every single one of our partners to guarantee you receive freshly roasted coffee.
  • Our product is 100% Costa Rican from the farm, to the talent that brings the coffee bags to you door. 
  • With every order placed and bag delivered to your door and brewed at your home or coffee shop, you are supporting fair trade, Costa Rican local coffee producers, their families & community. 
  • If you value artisan processes and being close to the producers under a farm to cup concept, without paying alarming prices, we are your best choice!

For more information and details, drop us an email at sales@moncoffee.com